The Next Octave Mastermind + Retreat Experience Begins In May!

The Next Octave Retreat

The fireflies here in the midwest have just arrived to light the way to...YOUR NEXT OCTAVE!!! 🔥

A high-level manifestation, soul growth transformation and higher dimensional activation retreat happening from August 9th - 13th, 2024

→ → This is my only retreat in the states over the next year, as well as my MOST intimate and personalized retreat experience TO DATE!


I’d love to introduce you to the most gorgeous private property gem, Windy Goat Acres! Find yourself under the magic of the stars and moon with animal calls reminding you of how very expansive and vibrant life really is.

🌟This is a retreat to move you to your next octave in life!It is an accelerated embodied transformation of limiting beliefs and core wounds, while amplifying our spiritual remembrance. Not only is this the most personalized retreat I’ve ever offered, each participant will have their own PRIVATE ACCOMMODATION!

💠Catering by The The 305 Back Yard Farm-Wild Foraging & Farm-to-Table Cuisine

🌀 Animal Resident Heart Medicine

💠 Vibrational Attunement Dance Party

🌀 Progressive Multi-Dimensional Workshops

💠 Star Channeling Messages & Accelerations

🌀 High-level Manifestation Mastery

💠 Law of Resonance Identity Work

🌀Drum Journeys

💠Astral Travel & Integration

🌀 Become The BEST Channeler of Your Life

💠 Cacao Medicine Ceremony

🌀 Cellular Recoding & DNA Upgrades

💠 Tapping Into Abundance Consciousness

🌀 Nightly Integration Bonfires

💠 Morning Yoga Mat Integration & Alchemy

🌀 Embodied Root Transformation For Ascension

💠 Wealth Consciousness Activation

🌀 Sound Bath Event

💠 Solo Integration Spaces

🌀 Commune with Gaia

💠 Divine Feminine codes in Sacred Masculine strength

🌽 The Heart and Fertile land of America! (DSM airport transfers)

⚡️ Individual channeling sessions are uniquely a part of this unfolding. ⚡️ <----- ONLY OFFERED AT THIS INTIMATE AND SMALL CIRCLE RETREAT EXPERIENCE!

This is the summer experience that will change everything and set you on a liberated path that has been tapping on your soul.It’s our time to truly live as the new earth. Not just think about it. We are the change that becomes it for generations to come.

Pluto returning to Capricorn for the final time is significant beyond measure.

The recent G5 and G2 geomagnetic storms have created instability in the field for the next level of consciousness upgrades.Want in???This retreat is divinely timed.

You will be resourced deeply within to ease-fully move through anything that goes down in the matrix.💎 We are here to ensure the the rebirth is already becoming reality.

✨ We are the golden gate openers.

💎 We are the light leaders.

👑 We are here to live out our divine blueprint and move into massive abundance and wealth consciousness.

If you’ve been craving the community and environment that relentlessly supports your quantum leaps in higher dimensional realities, this may just be the boldest declaration in that jump!

🌟 BONUS - Begin with The Path Masterclass to come from a foundation of curiosity and exploration of the lifetimes of triggers, imprints, limiting stories and beliefs to be READY to make big, bold leaps into the divine, aligned YOU that has been waiting to be unleashed!

🌟 BONUS - Continue with the week long broadcast channel event Lead Your Life to begin to integrate an embodied daily practice along with the pillars of the laws of the universe for deeper centeredness and mastery in your souls mission, vision and alignment no matter how intense the world becomes around you.

🌟💫🌟 Move into a retreat that becomes a reclamation of the liberated life and soul freedom you have always known deep down have been waiting for you. 🌟💫🌟

I’d love to chat if it feels aligned! Shoot me a DM here, email me at or book a free discovery call with me below!

For more details on this extraordinary experience that will catapult you into the life you came to confidently create click here -->

The Next Octave Mastermind and Retreat Experience

The mastermind is now closed, the retreat has 2 spaces left!

You will fly into DSM early afternoon on 8/9/24 and depart in the late morning to early afternoon on 8/13/24.

This is the most intimate retreat experience Lori has ever offered.

You will have a private cabin or yurt for ultimate integration space!

If you are ready to explore this life-changing summer of opportunity, book now or book a free chat with Lori.

Book A Chat Here

If you want to avoid cc processing fees, contact me to go through Venmo, Cashapp or Zelle at

"You do not want to miss the retreat!  It’s one thing to experience Lori’s energy remotely and another completely in -person!"
Christy T.

8 Modules

BONUS Lead Your Life Broadcast Channel Event

It's The One Your Were Gifted!

Lead Your Life
A 7-day broadcast channel event.

Learn the markers of high-level manifestation WITH integration and implementation techniques!

Join a channel and interactive group experience for ultimate support and activation to kick off our extraordinary summer event that will change everything!

Lead Your Life Broadcast Channel Event

Join the event through this link:

Modules for this offering 8
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We emphatically recommend you purchase comprehensive retreat travel insurance that covers all possibilities for peace of mind if something unforeseen comes up and we hold beautiful light around all divinely unfolding according to plan. ✨

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