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The Path Masterclass

This is not the typical inspiration-driven masterclass where you go back to your life and back to the habits that had you feeling overwhelmed and stuck.  This is a transformational masterclass where you GET the results, create value in something new and implement it easily into your life.

✦ You will walk away from this experience with a reclamation of trust in yourself, in others and yes, in this world.

✦ We are the only ones that can create deep change personally and collectively.  It is up to us.  The systems and culture that landed us here will never be the thing to dig us out.

✦ In this 4-day masterclass I am sharing everything you need to find your footing and live your best life (while the world around us breaks down) so we can rebuild from the inside out.  

✦ Are you a think or a doer?  I'm offering the framework and you decide if you are going to become a doer, experience the results and solidify a new way to do this!

Day 1 - The Mind

Day 2 - The Body

Day 3 - The Energetics / The Soul

Day 4 - Q & A and Hot Seat Laser Coaching (money mindset anyone?!)

It is time we go bigger.  We are here for such a short stay.  Let's get to it.  We can together begin the seed of what is possible for the personal investment that is essential to landing in a life of liberation that becomes a tidal wave of consciousness (r)evolution.  

I'm certainly ready to live this kind of vibe, aren't you!?

What participants are saying:

I had a reading with Lori in 2021. Met her in March in Sedona. What has unfolded since then has been life changing.  She has helped me change the biggest story that held me back.  Ready to peel back more layers now!

I like that you said what dies to become compost; my current intention is to invite in the death/transformation/rebirth cycle, rather than try to call in something sparkly that there's not enough room for yet.

This is huge and makes so much sense! As a teacher, the school system has been a place I actually don’t feel like I belong in because it doesn’t feel right to just regurgitate the curriculum. This has been part of my journey away from fun time teaching to finding a better way for our kids!!

The analogy with the dog rescue…. Absolutely spot on. This is perfectly aligned timing for me. As I knew it was.

So that’s changing the story of the shower. Nice example. Thank you.

Thank you!! Loved day 1!

I feel soft and emotional from the gratitude for myself and this container.  I love how all of this wisdom has come together! So potent. So magical! Thank you! ♥️

Lori speaks to so many levels of our beings as human and also to the parts in us that we have forgotten.  Day 1 mind-blowing.  If you’re ready to change your stories and get out of the loops take this masterclass.

I highly recommend working with Lori!  Going deep and not being allowed to bypass..... pure gold!!

I love the dance party!! and i'm dancing along!! Camera is down today

Wow I feel so grounded rn.  I’m taking in all the peace and serenity.  Can’t wait to replay tonight’s session!

I had to jump on right away to say how divine, how magical and just overall how beautiful the meditation of day 3 was!  I am so tingly and just have tears of joy coming up!  I love you and this container of souls so deeply.

I’m now on day 3 replay and had to stop and reach in HERE. I was just brought to tears of relief. Or maybe gratitude. Or return of huge hope. Like same feeling as if I just sung a song on AGT and Simon says it was amazing  beautiful. The relief of validation and hope of something amazing has just begun. It was all worth it kinda thing. So I had to stop the replay and jump in here with this feeling of relief as Lori talks about the frequency being our greatest asset, highest importance and talking about manifestation. I have searched for my true TRIBE for sooooo long. I SAY it again and again. Lori just nails it BANG. Lori you nail it so BANG ON. Its so freakin on!!!!! . THANK YOU LORI AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN..
Lisa T

Contract signed and payment sent.  I loved day 4!  Ready to transform!
Jeremy B.

The Path Masterclass was incredible.  Diving timing indeed.  I was quite literally exhausted by the end of the weekend…but in the best way possible.  To anyone reading this, if you feel the slightest little tug of curiosity or interest here…JUMP IN!!!  Thank you, Lori 🙏🏼
Michelle P.

I wanted to thank you again for today. My energy is so light, I feel open and free.  I will be re-listening to the whole masterclass this weekend. I have tried so many other mentors and classes.  I have never clicked with any like I have with you or felt so differently so quickly with any class or package.  So much so that I am having trouble putting this into words.  You came into my life exactly when I needed it. Thank you for not giving up or walking away from your calling. Today was definitely a day for breakthroughs 💯 %.  I am a yes for the mastermind next octave and ready for the work, ready to show up and ready for the transformation!
Kerry W.

I listened to the path mastermind class day and started thinking about the triggers and stories that are repeating in my life and boom I realized a trigger I didn’t even know I had! It’s been carrying on since 2006! And Lori when you said it’s not the person a light bulb went on in  my head!. It had repeated itself with 3 different people! Can’t wait to journal that! Now I can stop playing the victim associated with these stories!
Sara L.

Day 3 path masterclass! WOW!! What an activation!!
Megan C.

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