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The Frequency Experience

This is a rare online opportunity to connect directly with your unique guides for immediate cellular encoding!

We are the ones to bring consciousness alive.

We are heaven on earth.

You, me, your higher guides and a powerful group of souls holding the vibe for all that is possible that you have never experienced before and is now about to become your superpower reality.

A progressive virtual star channeling experience.  We begin with a guided journey into the sacred wisdom within where we meet the guides that have answered our vibrational call for deep messages.  From there, we move into light language, sound frequency and embodied counsel for immediate downloads, healing and expansion.

This is a very special experience that will build from the beginning of the Wheel of the Year at Samhain through to the Winter Solstice Portal, all from the comfort and ease of your own home.  

The Frequency Experience

3 activations, 3 accelerations, 3 opportunities.

Samhain 10/31, 7:30 pm cst
Gemini Full Moon 11/27, 7:30 pm cst
Winter Solstice 12/21, 7:30 pm cst

Replays available

"The star channeling Lori went into was off the charts!"
Christy T.

"I loved the star channeling! This was one of the highlights for me. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen or come if it but what I felt on a physical level was pretty incredible. I thought for sure I was either getting beamed out of there or going to start levitating."
Kristen D.

"Oh wow! The star channeling was amazing! I really felt as though there came a point when I understood a specific message that was meant for me! From the very start, I felt simply honored to be there, holding space for those around me who I felt were receiving messages meant specifically for them. And then BAM! It was like a message just for me! Amazing."
Michelle P.

5 Modules

ZOOM LINK, Activation #3, 12/21/23

The Frequency Experience Final Activation

Modules for this offering 5
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 The Frequency Experience
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